A Nation Without a Center Becomes Polarized


America is becoming a nation of extremes because we no longer have a moral center. Over the last few decades as we had driven God from the public square and from the education of our children we no longer have the balance needed to make correct choices, we are a nation turned over to a debased mind and we are unstable.

Case in point, Donald Trump. Mr. Trump is calling for a stop of immigration for all Muslims. Not just to stop to all immigration but specifically for Muslims.

Another case in point is president Barack Obama. Mr. Obama would like no restrictions of immigration especially for Muslims. In fact, since the Paris bombings only one Christian Syrian refugee has been allowed into the United States while more than 200 Muslims have been allowed.

We have become a dysfunctional nation that can no longer operate using sound reason. Looking back to the anniversary of the bombing of Pearl Harbor we see that the United States limited immigration during dangerous times, specifically the immigration of Japanese nationals.

There is a balance between being cautious and being cruel but there is also a balance between being safe and foolish. There are dangerous people out there who wish to do great harm around the globe so why do we want to throw open the gates wide and allow anyone entry without knowing who they are, but at the same time why would we want to set aside our compassion when people are in need.

While I agree somewhat with Mr. Trump that we should stop all immigration and check our systems, I believe that we should still look to allow immigration if it is managed well. By the same token, why are we not allowing Christian refugees from Syria and Iran to immigrate into the United States? We should not skew the immigration scales too far in either direction.

The Bible is clear we should show kindness to the stranger we should help the needy and the poor and we should give refuge to those who seek it. But at the same time we should regain our moral center that is only found in the Lord and his Scripture because without our center we will continue to seek polar extremes.