This is a letter written by our incredible friend Marcie May on the dangers that will imposed on female Albuquerque Public School students by the APS Board. This has to STOP!

10565094_4867636986825_1044775284647786221_nBy: Marcie May

Dear APS Board Members:

I am writing to you, simply because, though I spoke at last night’s open forum, one minute does not do justice for any one to fully be able to communicate their thoughts on this subject.

I will reiterate some of my points and expound on others.

1) It is very concerning that the agenda was sent out to the community about a topic of this magnitude, except to those who support it. APS has done this type of ramming this type of agendas against the wishes of the majority of the community in the past, and you need to come into account for your actions.

2) Allowing transgender students into any bathroom or locker room cannot not be regulated. Any male student can claim they are transgender, even though they are not, at any time. Anyone doubting their choice can only be threatened with discrimination, and you know that. While teachers have their own private bathrooms, separate from the students, the students have no protection. None.

3) Girls are the ones most at risk, though boys can also be victims. Why do you, Board Members, chosen to protect the children of Albuquerque, stick your heads in the sand, and refuse to acknowledge this fact? This agenda has no way of protecting our young women. Adolescence and puberty is difficult enough, without having to deal with feeling threatened or viewed by a member of the opposite sex while in the bathroom or locker room.

4)The American College of Pediatrics has issued a statement that clearly states, no holds barred, that encouraging gender ideology is nothing less than child abuse. I’m sure that the groups responsible for pushing this hidden, covert agenda didn’t mention this study. Why would they suggest such strong words? Because encouraging children under the age of 18 to have surgery, or take gender changing hormones can drastically harm them, from malformation of bones, psyche’s, not bring full maturation of their physical bodies, and lending itself to encourage suicide among transgenders. How on earth is that being compassionate towards children who may be confused?

It only seems that the adults who push this agenda are the ones who are stuck in their own emotional turmoil are the ones who are projecting their own insecurities onto everyone else in order to feel validated. That is an unhealthy co-dependent way of trying to deal with one’s own psychological dealings. The study below confirms this.

I appreciate that one of the speakers brought this point out – there is a way to be compassionate towards students who do feel this way, but stirring up chaos for everyone is not. I find it repugnant that even a 5 year should now have to bear the brunt of some adult’s insecurities about their own gender confusion because they want to feel validated. I’m sorry, but the world doesn’t work that way. The latests stats show that only .01-.02 % of students identify as gender confused. The way that this whole thing is projected is that it is more like 20-40% of the students. But it is not.

Simply forcing young children to deal with adult sexual issues is perverse and abusive.

What are you going to do if a pedophile wants to start attending APS? What if he/she says she’s born this way? What are you going to do? Under this issue, you can do nothing. Absolutely nothing.

5) Why do you feel the need to subject our kids to this social experiment? Who is it driven by? If it is the movie industry, who is boycotting North Carolina, and eyeing New Mexico, to seek blessing of transgender activism, shame on you! They can take their money elsewhere! We value the protection of our children. If you don’t, then you don’t deserve the position that you hold. Albuquerque is not for sale. If you are the segway for this to happen, you are no different then sex traffickers, using those you swore to protect as a pawn for status and money. You need to step down!

This is a video showing case after case of men posing as women and attacking them, time after time after time. Is APS ready to deal with this? There will be lawsuits, guaranteed. But, more poingnantly, there will be innocence lost and children hurt. Guaranteed. Is the nod of approval from the transgender activist community worth hurting children and our young adults? I don’t think so. Perhaps this is where you need to examine your own conscience.

This is the statement from the American College of Pediatrics, stating, in no uncertain terms the harmful effects of gender ideology.
I hope that you have the sense to look at this objectively and through the lens of common sense, not that of political correctness – the place where no one can call anything wrong, for fear that they will be called a hater. Where no one can say, “I feel threatended,” because they are intimidated. That is tangent to living under communism, where no one can say what they really think. If that is where APS wants to bring those under their care, then it is time that parents take their children out from that system. It has given the benediction to abusers and those who want to harm children. APS, at that point has lost the trust of the Community.

With deep sorrow,

Marcie M. May