Justice for Jessica … Bestowing Grace – Priceless … Passing Judgement – Shameful


by: Laura Rosecrans

There has been much to do about the latest New Mexico Alliance For Life  Lawsuit. If you are not caught up on the details here it is in a nutshell…

Jessica Duran has come forward to demand justice for herself and her aborted baby girl with the assistance of New Mexico Alliance for Life. Elisa Martinez, Executive Director and Attorney Michael Seibel have worked non-stop to bring to the light the unholy alliance that late term abortion clinic Southwestern Women’s Options has with UNM Health Science Center.

The backlash has been great against Jessica and for her boldness and courage in standing up for herself and for her baby…that is to be expected from the anti-life supporters known as the pro-choice crowd. The very sad thing is that Jessica is also getting it from the Pro-Life community as well.

THIS MUST END! Who knew that when we demanded Justice for Jessica – we would be asking this from Pro-Life Proponents?

Who am I to say so…I am a counselor for women who have been through abortion. I hear stories everyday – just like Jessica’s – of women who were coerced by family and and the men that got them pregnant to have the abortion. Almost 70% of women who have abortions are coerced by others – INCLUDING the abortion clinic – to have the abortion vs. choosing life affirming options.

Who am I to say so…I am one of those women who was raped and forced at the age of 16 to have an abortion by the perpetrator AND the abortion clinic. The first did so – to cover his tracks. The later – to make their money off of my situation.

Who are YOU to judge Jessica? Have you been in the similar situation? Have you heard her whole story? Have you walked in her shoes? Have you been bombarded by “loved” ones telling you to make a decision you know is wrong but feel trapped and scared and alone? Were YOU the one at that abortion clinic coerced into going through something you did not want to do?

If you have not walked in Jessica’s shoes – please stop your judgmental comments. What pain and trauma have you been through that you keep secret because of shame and guilt and  you pray no one finds out? How would you feel if someone did find out and slandered your name for something that was forced upon you? Jessica willingly has told her story to help other women to not go through what she has. Have you had the courage to do the same?

I counsel women everyday to share their story – to let people know the truth. But Jessica is the perfect example of why so many of us don’t. Because they are afraid of getting it from both sides. The pro-life judge and withhold grace & the anti-life groups say we are wrong for feeling guilty and we should “SHOUT OUT OUR ABORTIONS.”

Shame on both of these views! If you are Pro-Life – please stop passing judgement. Embrace Jessica. Encourage Jessica for her courage and her bravery. Place your anger where it is due – on an industry that manipulates and takes advantage of women who find themselves in a vulnerable and very scary position.

I always say there is a story that comes before the abortion. Incest, rape, alcoholic parents, etc. We do not get up one morning and say, “Hey I’m going to have sex today, get pregnant and have an abortion because it sounds like fun.” That is NOT what comes out of our mouths – EVER!

Praise God He doesn’t judge as Jessica has been judged. Praise God He bestows grace and mercy willingly and lavishly.

Will you be the person today that stops passing judgement and instead bestow the grace that our God has bestowed on you? I pray that will be so.