Can a Christian Believe That Abortion is Allowed and Still Be Considered a Christian?


By: Pastor Paul Holt

There are many issues that divide the body of Christ these days from sexual immorality to the right to kill and the right to die. Abortion is chief among these issues and many people who claim to be disciples of Jesus Christ also hold that a woman should have the right to kill a child being developed in her womb.

It has even been reported by some media outlets that Chelsea Clinton, the daughter of presidential hopeful Hillary Clinton and former president Bill Clinton, that she reportedly left the Baptist church over a Sunday School lesson that condemned abortion, that she heard when she was six.

It is not my intention to attack the faith of any one individual or question their salvation but it is important for me to define what biblical faith really is and what it is not.

The Word of God is clearly defined as literally being the Lord and as a literal expression of God’s Holy Spirit. The gospel of John informs us that the “Word” was in the beginning with God and is God, the Apostle Paul taught that all scripture was God breathed and should be used to define what we believe, structure our lives and correct the error of our understanding of this world.

Jesus taught us that no servant is greater than his master, so we should be clear in understanding that the bible commands believers not to kill or to offer our children up to death, especially in service to false gods. Abortion is plainly the offering of children on the altar of humanism or to be exact our selfish flesh with us as god.

When presented biblically we find that abortion can only be understood to be sin and is not permissible for the believer in Jesus Christ. Let’s be even more plain, one of the reasons that the nation of Israel was carried away into captivity was because according to Ezekiel, they were sacrificing children between the walls of the temple.

People can believe anything and call themselves anything, they can certainly believe that abortion is permissible and still call themselves committed Christians but that does not make it true.

The biblical definition of a disciple of Jesus is one who has committed to the repentance of sin as defined by the Lord in His Scripture, accepted the grace the Lord extends to us in salvation by believing on Him for it and then devotes themselves to the study of being an imitator of Jesus in word and deed.

The truth of the matter is this, any other definition for a Christian is something other than a Christian. Sure the definition can be fleshed out with more detail but even Hillary Clinton defined Christianity by using the two greatest commandments, loving God and loving each other. You can not claim to love God and others while killing children and offering them to the idol and false god of humanity.