Christians Aren’t Voting and Are Allowing a Godless Society


By: Pastor Paul Hot

Pastor Rafael Cruz, father of presidential hopeful and senator Ted Cruz, says it is time for Christian Americans to take action and stop allowing the liberal and godless of the United States to have their way in government.

He pointed out that upwards of 60% of Christians fail to vote in most elections and that is why we see liberal ideology that is destroying American society and the economy and is leaving us one Supreme Court nominee away from losing most of our rights as Americans, should yet another liberal justice be appointed to the court.

Consider that the court will be deciding cases this year that will affect freedom of speech and religion, the right to keep and bear arms and so much more.

The bible gives instruction on how to live under an oppressive government wanting us to leave peacefully if possible with the understanding that God has allowed such government to come to power but consider that the bible also gives instruction on living under a government that allows us to participate.

The founders of this nation wanted to create a new government when the opportunity allowed for it. They envisioned a government that was a hybrid of what had been formed before. This constitutional republic that we live under is not truly a democracy as most people believe, even as many have tried and to some decree succeeded in changing this nation to be more democratic which is always dangerous.

As a democratic republic there is a filtering system to remove the inherent dangers of a full on democracy but I don’t want to bore you to death with a political science lesson.

My point is that without Christian participation we see an American fulfillment of 2 Thessalonians, because Christians bring the salt and light with the indwelling of the Holy Spirit or He who restrains thus stopping the decay of society and the loss of so many souls.

We are to choose Godly leaders from among our people, leaders with a proven track record of living by conservative biblical values. This choice is available to us under our current form of government but we are quickly losing that to enslavement under despotism.

I understand that most people are just too busy living their lives to be involved in politics and that many of the people we have trusted have betrayed that trust so what’s the point?

Well, I say, If at first you don’t succeed then try, try again. Get involved to the extent that you can with local leaders in your political party of choice and hold their feet to the fire to hold their leaders accountable, if we are paying attention enough to call out the people we know then they will make others feel the heat when they fail to be principled.

We may still see our country decay, but at least we can try to be salt where we can and preserve this union, the last hope for freedom and the Gospel the world has.