By: Dan Rosecrans

Over the past two years The HUB of New Mexico has been intimately involved in working to heal chasms of differences in the Central New Mexico pro-life community. By bringing all the players to the table to pray we began to see tremendous change and progress. God prevailed and won numerous victories.

The more my wife, Laura, spoke and led in this arena – including standing in front of the abortion clinics as an advocate – the more I saw the great toll it took on her. No one saw the battle preceding a presentation and no one could know the tremendous price she paid each time she shared her agonizing story.

God has changed the pro-life landscape. For that we rejoice. Like all of fallen humanity, however, the picture is not perfect. There are those who, for whatever motivation, care not whom they divide, use or back stab.

The battle we entered started when Laura heard for the first time Grant Bresett’s words, “If you knew abortion hurt women, would that change the way you view it”?

I have seen the devastation of abortion on one woman. We have fought to do what we can. Will you?

This fight has extracted a great cost. In our family, my Lovely Bride has paid the highest price. These are her words: