CULTURE OF LIFE 2/9/17 Featuring Monte Harms & Laura Rosecrans with Guest Canadian Pro-life Activist Lia Mills


Listen here at for the 9th edition of the live show CULTURE OF LIFE with hosts Monte Harms w/Harms Report and Laura Rosecrans w/The HUB of New Mexico.

We were honored to have had Canadian pro-life activist Lia Mills. When Lia was 12, she presented this pro-life speech to her class and since then it has had almost 3 million views. Lia spoke to us about her amazing journey God has her on as well as the abortion culture in Canada. Check out her website and order a copy of her book.

You can hear the NEXT Culture of Life coming Thursday February 23, 2017 at 11:30am on the The HUB of New Mexico