CULTURE OF LIFE 12/22/16 Featuring Monte Harms & Laura Rosecrans with Guests Katie Yoder News Busters & Dominique Davis Project Defending the Life


Listen here at for the 6th edition of the live show CULTURE OF LIFE with hosts Monte Harms w/Harms Report and Laura Rosecrans w/The HUB of New Mexico.

We were honored to have had Katie Yoder, who is a reporter for Media Research Center’s News Busters, on with us to talk about media bias in relation to the Pro-Life movement including the lack of national coverage regarding the arson attack on New Mexico’s Project Defending Life. Go to mrc News Busters Web Page to read Katie’s articles.

We also had Dominique Davis, Client Services Director Women’s Pregnancy Options, to give us an update regarding Project Defending Life. If you wish to donate to PDL to help them rebuild after the arson attack that damaged their facility go to Project Defending Life’s Web Page.

You can hear the NEXT Culture of Life coming Thursday January 12, 2016 at 11:30am on the The HUB of New Mexico