CULTURE OF LIFE 1/26/17 Featuring Monte Harms & Laura Rosecrans with Guests Dauneen Dulce NM Right to Life & Elisa Martinez NM Alliance for Life



Listen here at for the 8th edition of the live show CULTURE OF LIFE with hosts Monte Harms w/Harms Report and Laura Rosecrans w/The HUB of New Mexico.

We were honored to have had Dauneen Dolce – Executive Director Right to Life Committee of NM & Elisa Martinez – Executive Director of NM Alliance for Life on with us to talk about the Bills being presented in legislation that deal with life issues. Dauneen spoke on the End Life Options Act House Bill 171 and Elisa spoke to us about Born Alive Infant Protection Act House Bill 37.
PLEASE call your representatives and say NO to HB 171 & YES to HB 37. If you don’t know who your reps are you can find them at

Both of our guests spoke of their combined efforts in creating the New Mexico for Ethical Medical Treatment Coalition or NMEMT. Go to for more info and to sign up to be a part of this very important Coalition for life.

You can hear the NEXT Culture of Life coming Thursday February 9, 2017 at 11:30am on the The HUB of New Mexico