CULTURE OF LIFE 4/13/17 Featuring Monte Harms & Laura Rosecrans with Guest Reggie Littlejohn – Founder & President Women’s Rights Without Frontiers


Listen here at for the 13th edition of the live show CULTURE OF LIFE with hosts Monte Harms w/Harms Report and Laura Rosecrans w/The HUB of New Mexico.

We were honored to have Reggie Littlejohn, Founder & President of Women’s Rights Without Frontiers which stands against Forced Abortion in China, on with us to tell us about her powerful organization that has been called the “leading voice” in the battle to expose and oppose forced abortion and gendercide in China.

Women’s Rights Without Frontiers is a diverse, international coalition of individuals and organizations united in belief that forced abortion and sexual slavery in China must be stopped. You can find out more at Women’s Right Without Frontiers.