CULTURE OF LIFE 4/13/17 Featuring Monte Harms & Laura Rosecrans with Guests Sade Patterson Albuquerque Sidewalk Advocates & Lauren Muzyka Executive Director Sidewalk Advocates National


Listen here at for the 12th edition of the live show CULTURE OF LIFE with hosts Monte Harms w/Harms Report and Laura Rosecrans w/The HUB of New Mexico.

We were honored to have two representatives for our Sidewalk Advocates on with us to tell us all about what the Sidewalk Advocates do locally and nationally!

We first interviewed Sade Patterson w/ Sidewalk Advocates For Life Albuquerque to introduce her as the new director for Albuquerque. We then interviewed Lauren Muzyka who is the Executive Director for Sidewalk Advocates For Life National. Thank you ladies for all you do for life!