DANNI ANDREW Author of Mental Health Moments CLASSEMINARS Writer Student


LISTEN HERE: The HUB of New Mexico Christian Internet Radio Station www.thehubnm.com had author Danni Andrew on with us to share her life story and tell us all about her new book Mental Health Moments. You can get more info about Danni and her book at www.outofthedarkness.net or you can go to amzn.to/2hlPJzc to purchase a copy of her book.

From Danni: Mental Health Moments began as a blog in 2011 after the passing of my Mom. Her death nearly brought me to my knees and I was not capable of writing long periods of time, so I started the Mental Health Moments Blog. This book is an applause for those moments when I could barely breathe. Take a few minutes to read the blog (meditation), color the picture and write in the journal. These moments will still your soul and calm your mind. It helps to stay in touch with the creative side of your mind.