Dateline: Baylor University – My Heart Breaks


My Heart Breaks

Watching the sullied details emerge from the Baylor University sex scandal breaks my heart.

Not because Baylor bears the name of the largest religious institution in the NCAA.

Not because a man with a once sterling reuptation surrendered his now compromised position as president of the school.

Not because another hot shot coach got canned or an impotent athletic director was placed on probation.

All this happened, and rightfully so.  My heart breaks for the victims somehow pushed aside and lost in the conversation of Baylor football until the story broke.

Once again we see that one of the main fronts of the “war on women” is the push for power, position and possessions. Baylor University knew they had a problem with players committing sexual assault but they turned a blind eye as they planned their $250 million dollar  football complex.

The coach and AD knew they had sexual predators on the squad but whom they hurt wasn’t as important as the sound of the cheering throngs and the financial windfall they would provide to the athletic departments treasury.

These young women’s lives were expendable.  They were reasonable sacrifices for the chase of the national college football spotlight.

Too many men have surrendered their Divinely created role as Protector. Until men p!ace a higher priority on that role, women and children will continue to pay the highest price in human tragedy.

Now the University that failed to heed the voice of victims should hear only silence in their multimillion dollar playground.