Dateline: Men’s March for Life Father’s Day Pro-Life March – Writeup from 6/18/16


13452975_10208187174530226_244673283_oThe conversation the other day turned to favorite movies. I have several and certainly in the top twenty would be FIELD OF DREAMS. It’s not really about baseball, but about the relationship between Father and Son.

Of course, the unforgettable line in the movie is, “If you build it, he will come”. The main character is puzzled as to whom “he” is, but proceeds to tear up a valuable Iowa cornfield to build an enviable baseball diamond.

Fathers CAN make lifelong impacts in the lives of their children…either good or bad. All fathers impact their children.

On Saturday over 100 men, most of them Fathers, marched two and a half miles to say to the Albuquerque 13453292_10208187962909935_166515233_ocommunity, “Life is sacred and worth defending”. The annual Father’s Day March for Life travelled Lomas Boulevard from Our Lady of Fatima Catholic Church to Southwestern Women’s Options, the abortion mill of Curtis Boyd.

The group, mainly Catholic men, held signs, recited prayers and sang songs along the way. It was a diverse group in ethnicity and age, all with one clear message, “We feel life is worth defending”.

13467611_10208187172890185_2145642165_oLed by Brother Maximillian, a Franciscan Friar, the men followed in an orderly, solemn procession. When confronted by very few taunts, they did not strike back. One woman slowed her minivan, rolled down her window and shouted, “God bless Planned Parenthood”. There was a palpable sadness for her that swept through the walkers.


More prevalent were the thumbs up, honks of support and the cheers from those driving along Lomas Boulevard.

The group arrived at Boyd’s “house of horrors” to see that it was closed. A decision the abortionist has made for the past few Father’s Day marches. There was joy in knowing that, at least, for the day they were able to 13461174_10208183477277797_1839726694_ostop the blood-letting.

Patrick Vigil, the organizer of the march, under the auspices of Project Defending Life, told The HUB of New Mexico that the march, “goes to show the strength of the pro-life movement that we can get this many men out year after year….it’s good to see we have so much support”.

There is support. It is good to see that the ladies are not the only ones who are willing to give their time and energy to stand for life. On this Saturday, for these Dads, it was their turn to speak volumes with their pro life feet. Curtis Boyd and other abortionists may build these killing fields, but the pro-life men will continue to come.