13461249_10208177891178148_1958165789_oAt first glance the Albuquerque Public Schools Administrative Headquarters look forboding. The two multi-story buildings, surrounded by parking lots on all four sides appear aloof and removed from everything around it. Much like the APS Board itself.

Last week the APS Board quietly passed new regulations on dealing with Transgender students. The news was released in a copyright story in the Albuquerque Journal.

Not surprisingly the new policy will ultimately allow a male student who “feels” like a girl to use the girl’s bathroom and locker room. And for girls who “feel” like a boy to use the boys facilities.

APS even went as far as saying boys and girls who “feel” like a the opposite gender may participate on the other gender’s sports teams. Some sport associations may refuse that effort, but imagine the pressure that is going to fall on them to give in to the politically correct crowd.

Outrage over this new policy led to a group, of predominately men, to gather Friday afternoon at Fort APS in the Uptown area.

Led by Pastor Adelious Stith, who has attended numerous APS Board meetings, the group circled the APS 13474165_10208178447472055_979599794_nfacility three times to raise public awareness to the secretive ruling. Carrying signs in the sun and scorching heat their enthusiasm never lagged. Being small in number never caused these men to falter. On the first lap around the headquarters Pastor Stith related the walk the Biblical account of Gideon. Though small in number the 300 warriors of Gideon were used to route the large enemy army and secure victory for the nation of Israel. The glory went to, and go only go to, the Lord Jehovah.

Prayers were offered and songs were sung on the successive rounds. There were opportunities to explain to some passersby the purpose of the signs and the vigil.

The main motivation of these Fathers on Friday seemed to be the defense, primarily of their young daughters and granddaughters. There was no hatred for Transgender students, but a fatherly desire for these children to receive the help they need. Sharing a bathroom or locker room with members of the opposite sex is not the answer.

These men hit the heat and the street to say to the Albuquerque Public Schools Board, “NO…we will not accept your policy. We will stand to protect our children”.

If all it takes in society for evil to triumph is for good men to do nothing, when will good men actually stand up?