By: Dan Rosecrans

Headline. Islamist terrorists. London. Madrid. Istanbul. Charlie Hebdo in Paris. And, again, Paris.

Our Ministry Partner, Dewey Moede, has said several times on The HUB of New Mexico, “World War III started some time ago”. Now if we could just get our nation’s leaders to believe that truth and act as if is the new reality.

As a young man with only a cursory introduction to world history, and particularly the history of World War II, I knew enough to thank God for the life and courage of Winston Churchill. I consider him a “Man of Steel”. When England wanted to believe Neville Chamberlain’s foolishness that he had secured peace with Adolf Hitler, Churchill told the truth of that useless paper his country’s Prime Minister so proudly waved.

Winston Churchill’s Speech to Parliament on April 13, 1939 must have shaken a sleeping assembly. On that day, Churchill presented His Comprehensive Assessment of the State of Europe and Britain. Unlike the Prime Minister, in his giddy belief of peace filled days, Churchill warned of a “Darkening Scene,” and urged his fellow citizens to wake up. He indicted Neville Chamberlain and his Government for having been patsies for Hitler and Mussolini, demanded explanations for failures to act, insisted on a change in policy, and recommended specific measures to face the crisis confronting them.

This is precisely what we should demand of every one of our Nation’s leaders. They should awaken from their sleep. They should sharpen a “no holds barred” approach to ALL Islamic terrorism. They should come to the American people with a precise strategy, not reduce the threat, but to totally annihilate the enemy of Freedom. Today we want to believe in “peace in our times”. There will be none. We are at war.

You may think me cruel and a warmonger. You might believe me to be unkind and unchristian. I believe, however, we long ago passed the point of pacifism. Think me cruel, if you wish, but I will ask you to repeat that criticism as the sword of Islamic fascism falls on the neck of your own children.