by Dan Rosecrans

Numerous Pastors and Ministry Leaders packed the sanctuary of Passion Church in Albuquerque on Tuesday morning, 13432163_1780739425505544_4958322734047967384_nJune 14, 2016. The call to attend came from Regional Director for the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association – Pastor Brian Alarid & his wife Doctor Mercy Alarid Pastors of Passion Church Albuquerque NM.

Many times “prayer” gatherings include everything but prayer. This meeting was 13406945_1780739598838860_2031253067134931944_nhighlighted by the prayers of several Pastors, crying aloud to God for deliverance for our Nation. Acknowledgment was made that our salvation will only come from the Lord.

The meeting featured a keynote address from Lt. Governor John Sanchez. Drawing from his experience as a young man growing up in Albuquerque, the Lt. Governor set the stage for his remarks. He was the youngest of eight children raised by a single Mom who struggled to provide for her children. His is a Mother who required hard work and honesty. The Lt. Governor described being raised with authority and responsibility.

13445361_1780740205505466_5685454552457954829_nLt. Governor Sanchez asked several questions of the leaders gathered: “ How do we
break the cycle of poverty in New Mexico? How do we stop the crime wave going on in the streets of our city? How do we empower families? How do we bring back some of those traditional values? I believe its the breakdown of the family unit.”

Without touching on specifics Lt. Governor Sanchez declared his willingness to work with any who understands the necessity to provide a “hand up” and not just a “hand out” to those in need in New Mexico. Stating that the “safety net” government provides should not become a “hammock” to the recipients.

The Lt. Governor fell back on his construction background to encourage those in the room to make a difference: “There are two things that control air….you have a thermostat and you have a thermometer. I don’t want to be a thermometer, just gauging what’s going on. I want to be a 13450763_1780739842172169_312679690961538561_nthermostat…all of us should be considered to be a thermostat…affecting the lives of people”.

“As political leaders we’re human beings that make mistakes. But we understand the importance of redemption, of being pulled back up to do the right thing”.

Lt. Governor Sanchez concluded his thoughts commiting to continue to serve the State of New Mexico as a servant-leader.

13417480_1780740932172060_3860390171831769159_nFollowing the Lt. Governor’s address, Representative David Gallegos of Lee County as well as Tom Mead revealed plans to establish a New Mexico Legislative Prayer Caucus. The Caucus would provide accountability to those who run on Biblical platforms. There are over 500 national and state government leaders in the Congressional Prayer Caucus Foundation. The effort is directed at “implementing a pro-active strategy to protect religious freedom and preserve America’s Judeo-Christian heritage”.

A few elected officials were on hand to discuss the establishment of a New Mexico Prayer Caucus. When asked how the average New Mexican will see the effect of the Caucus, Representative Gallegos stated, “I hope you will see better legislation”. The Representative believes that with a Caucus group they can better vet bills and send them forward with concentrated commitment to see them succeed. You can get more information on the effort at


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