Dateline: Why Aren’t Flags Being Flown at Half Staff – Death of 12 Marines

Flag By Dan Rosecrans
Screen Shot 2016-01-23 at 10.16.30 PMOne has to wonder how many servicemen or women have to give their lives in the line of duty before President Obama considers their lives as valuable as Trayvon Martin or Michael Brown.


Twelve US Marines were declared dead after a training accident off the coast of Hawaii this week.  The tragedy occurred as they were conducting extremely dangerous exercises in preparation to defend the United States of America.


It seems reasonable to me, and most every freedom loving American, that we honor their sacrifice.  No, freedom-785989__180their death did not occur in an act of war, but certainly in preparation for such action.  Does not their sacrifice merit our smallest bit of attention?


Should it not be an automatic response from the White House to call on all Americans to remember and honor the lives of these brave men who gave their “last full measure of devotion” to serve our great nation?


Has honor to our service personnel become so repugnant to this Administration that a call to half staff is unthinkable?


It is not to us….the Average American…we encourage you to lower your flags to half staff in honor of twelve Americans who gave their lives for us.



It is the least we can do.