Drunken Mother Crashes SUV Causing Ejection of 18 month Old and Leaves Baby Behind


By Pastor Paul Holt:

The story of a drunken mother driving on I-40, losing control of her SUV, hitting the cement barrier and causing the ejection of her 18 month old daughter should shock us but even more shocking is knowing this mom left her baby behind on the highway to flee the scene.

We don’t know if she was aware enough to know that her daughter had been ejected, car seat and all or if in a drunken stupor she was oblivious to what happened and just ran for it.

She was not alone either. She had a male passenger who is on the run but more importantly she had another child, a three year old who was not buckled in either.

It seems to me that I am hearing of more such cases of parents getting drunk or stoned or high or whatever you want these days and I understand that there have always been bad parents but it seems worse today than in times past.

It might also be that my daughter took in a foster child over the weekend whose parents got into a fight and the father pulled a gun and shot over the mother’s head. Maybe, I just read the news too much and run into stories of parents being terrible.

There is a growing problem in America in general and New Mexico in particular of parents just not giving a blank (insert preferred colorful language here) about their children.

Is this a result of the war on marriage that now sees more and more children born to single parent homes where moms take on several sexual partners over a short period of time? Is the selfish and destructive parent a result of illegal drug use and the abuse of booze? Or because of the abortion on demand society we live in that cheapens all life while encouraging selfishness? Yes.

Rejecting God and biblical principles creates these conditions and more. We know the name of this so-called mom who left her child to die on the highway and she cared little more for her other child. We know she has been arrested for drunkenness and child abuse before. This is really who she is and the news of what she did was probably not shocking to her family and friends.

But her life story and behavior is spreading to become the life story and behavior of a greater number of our neighbors. As heart breaking as this story is, it will soon be drown out by others, when will we be willing to put a stop to it by demanding an end to government enabling of this lifestyle? When will we reject the liberal ideology that destroys the person by destroying the family?

When will we stop being lulled back to sleep by the ignorant argument of false compassion that creates such self absorbed citizens who have been destroyed by a lack of wisdom and a love of drunkenness.