Gold Fever, Love and Money


by: Pastor Paul Holt

There is a new epidemic spreading across the world this week and this time it is not the Zika virus, the world has contracted gold fever as economic conditions get really scary.

With Valentine’s Day approaching this Sunday, it would be normal to talk of love, specifically the self-sacrificing love God expects us to have for one another, even our spouses.

So why then do I turn to the dry subject of world economics and monetary policies that include mind numbing discussions of negative interest rates and a weak manufacturing sector? After all, I am just a preacher, preachers aren’t supposed to care about politics and economics.

You should understand that economics is really about how we conduct our daily lives and business, the bible has many things to teach about how believers conduct business, how we work and interact with people and remember that Jesus disrupted bad business on His way to the cross.

So why is the world on a gold buying frenzy and what is going on with the global economy and those early negative interest rates.

As I have stated before the bible clearly teaches that when we ignore the righteous commands of God the economies of nations suffer as a result. What we are seeing is the early stages of the economic disease that is killing what remains of Godly commerce, namely capitalism. Understand, that there is no longer any pure form of capitalism left in the global economy but a socialist hybrid that is rejecting freedom of economics, so what we are left with is central banks trying to make a policy that will encourage trade and commerce despite the regulations, laws and other restrictive forces that have choked the life out of it.

The world economic engine is being dismantled while the Fed in America and her counterparts around the world attempt to pump more fuel into it to keep it going until they are forced to abandon ship.

I am using this descriptive language to paint a picture of something larger at work. The enemy cannot allow the economic freedom we have enjoyed to continue so he is destroying it while blaming it for failing.

Think about where we are headed.

When America has been independent and prosperous we could resist the slavery of socialism and communism, after all how many Americans in the 1980’s wanted to have the economy of the Soviet Union and Cuba? Today, do we really want the economies of the Middle East or Africa? But that is where we are headed if we continue to ignore God.

The Fed and other world central banks are actually loaning money with a negative interest and they think it is good. When it comes crashing down because of stupid economic thinking and politicians pushing socialism over the so-called failed capitalism, it will set the stage for a global solution with a worldwide central authority and currency.

Business people and investors are sensing this shift even if they do not understand it, we are witnessing something much different from the 2008 crash, this is the fundamental transformation that was promised, this is a change in worldview.