Help Students for Life UNM get to the West Coast Walk for Life!


11052503_879602208767863_7824991598766035207_nBy Sade Patterson President Students for Life UNM

Dear Pro-life Friends,

I cannot tell you how excited I am to be the president of the Students for Life club at the University of New Mexico! This is our third year as an official club with the mission to further create a culture of life on our campus where college age women are the target of the abortion industry.

We are so excited to see hearts and minds changed on our campus! So far this semester we have recruited 15 new strong members, received pro-life apologetics training, Sidewalk Advocates for Life training, and training to expose Planned Parenthood from our own Regional Coordinator. We have also participated in the National Pro-Life Chalk Day and in 40 Days for Life at the Planned Parenthood abortion mill. In addition, we brought the pro-life Planned Parenthood Project to our campus, held two rallies outside of Planned Parenthood (one with our guest of honor, Steve Pierce), and consistently sat in the Students Union Building with our pregnancy and parenting support table every Friday. Just recently, we gathered donations for Fostering Grace Ministries – a new local pregnancy housing program to help pregnant teens and their babies.

In January, our Students for Life club would like to attend the West Coast Walk for Life on January 24 and the National Students for Life of America Conference on January 25, but we need your help …

Can you send a rushed gift of $10, $15, or $20 dollars today? Your tax-deductible gift will enable 8 of us to attend the Walk for Life and National Conference. We know that we have already been effective on our campus as we have put into action the trainings and resources that we have received as a club. As ambassadors of the pro-life movement, it is our calling to not just stop there. The stronger we have become, the stronger the opposition on our campus has become. We must equip ourselves even further to continue to educate our peers about abortion and provide resources for pregnant and parenting students on our campus. Attending the Walk for life and National conference will further strengthen and encourage all of us as a team to stand up strong with courage and boldness as we finish out the school year!

Our University does not give our club enough funding to completely cover the cost for us to go on this trip. While we are able to give of ourselves by going on our campus with this life-saving mission, you can “go” with us by joining our support team!

Every social movement in U.S history has relied on the passion, idealism, and courage of young people. To end abortion in our nation, we must equip ourselves as college students to further accomplish this mission together. I hope that you will “go” with me to the West Coast Walk for Life and on our campus at the University of New Mexico!

Donate electronically to our group fund: Or send a check made out to PDL with “Students for Life Fund” in the memo and mail it to PDL, 625 San Mateo Blvd NE, Albuquerque NM 87108.

Thank you for considering joining my support team.

For life,
Sade Patterson
President, Students for Life UNM