The humble honeybee, from time to time I will bring this amazing insect up in sermons or podcasts because it is an indicator of where we are in biblical prophecy. Strange, I know but true.

Honeybees are responsible for many of the foods you take for granted such as nuts, berries and fruit trees. Without the honeybee and the cross pollination they bring much of the world’s food supply would shrink to dangerously low levels.

That is what is described in the book of Revelation when a day’s wage buys a day’s food except the oil and the wine and wouldn’t you know it those are the only items that do not need bees to pollinate.

But there is more to the story. Bees in scripture also represent the word of God and by extension the people of God. The world today is seeing not only a shortage, a dying off of honeybees but of the people of God and what is taking their place?

For the honeybee, it is the Africanized or killer bee and for believers it is the Muslim. At first look they seem similar, the bees and the people, they share some traits in common such as a similar history, goals and structure but if you draw near the true nature is revealed.

We have been chastised in the days following the Paris killings for accusing Muslims of being the source of terrorism and violence. The president of the United States lectures us for asking if allowing Syrian Muslims to migrate to America is such a good idea. A Fox news anchor tells us we are barbaric and lessening the light of America’s famed city on a hill by choosing to be more selective in who we allow to come into this country.

However, similar to the bee analogy, our population has been weakened by the disease of sin, we are not able to defend ourselves from the transfusion of a people unwilling to become American. This is where I am tempted to make a Star Trek borg reference, but I will resist.

The only real defense we have to the destructive forces that are coming is the word of God and His Spirit. Again, we do not face flesh and blood but the spirit of anti-Christ.