Dateline: Imagine What Would Happen IF University of New Mexico Actually Cared About LIFE as Much as They Do Basketball…


By: Dan Rosecrans

1NZIv3dq_400x400Certainly there were New Mexicans, like me, saddened, but not surprised, that Yvonne Sanchez was released as Head Coach of the Lady Lobo basketball team. There were two press conferences today to inform fans of the decision. The first from Paul Krebs, UNM Athletic Director. The other where Coach Sanchez gave her side of the story.

I wonder how the press conferences would go, should UNM ever care as much about Life as they do about basketball. Just imagine with me:

UNM President Robert G. Frank: “Today we announce the discontinuation of UNM Health Service Center’sUnknown1 association with Curtis Boyd and Southwestern Women’s Options. It has become very apparent that not only has the HSC violated University guidelines, but they are trafficking in human fetal tissue and body parts, a clear violation of Federal law.
As a university of higher education, the premiere facility in the state of New Mexico, we realize the need to hold ourselves to higher standards in the mediocre world of research. It is obvious to us that being the provider of illegal fetal tissue, baby eye balls, baby aortas and many other baby body parts to over a dozen other institutions around the nation is not how we choose to be known at this great institution.”

CcA8PHSUAAAG57rMeanwhile, from the office of abortionist Curtis Boyd, Paul Roth holds his own press conference: “I have no idea why our program was discontinued. Sure we have no documented success stories to report from peddling baby body parts around the nation….courtesy of Southwest Women’s Options, at a minimal cost, I might add….but that shouldn’t indicate the program is not a success. Just think about how we just might be successful in providing some great medical solution in the future. I mean, that would make the pain and suffering of those babies, born alive so we can harvest the specific body parts that have been ordered, I mean requested, worth it all, right? No, I have no idea why they Unknowndiscontinued such a successful program”.

Roth would continue: “Why we have become known across the nation as THE go-to institution for fetal body parts and tissue. Of course it’s a clear violation of Federal law, but I have helped put this University on the research map. No, I have no idea why UNM isn’t proud of me and our fine work”.

Sadly, Life takes a back seat to basketball at the University of New Mexico.