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Judy Barrett, PT-CLT-LANA is a certified lymphedema therapist.
Orthopedic Care
Total knees, Total Hips, ACLs, Rotator Cuffs etc. If you’ve had surgery and need rehab we can take care of you here!

Hand Therapy
​ We now have a Music Glove rehab station!

Strokes, Head Injuries, Head Aches, Balance Problems- no problem. You can find quality care at our facility.

Chronic Pain
Gentle hands on techniques and gradually progressed exercises help relieve pain and build your strength so you can finally heal.

Women’s Health
Pregnancy pain, incontinence, pelvic issues- find the healing and stability you need in a caring, supportive environment.

Professional care from a provider who understands.

Dry Needling, Cranio-sacral, Myofascial Release and more…
The latest, cutting-edge techniques to help relieve your pain.