Tuesday, December 22, 2015

The first thing I remember being in this world is passionate. School immediately stole a spot in my heart. 712671ef2f0f18534c25b852b1d8a15dAfter my first day of kindergarten, I rushed through the front door to the kitchen and exclaimed to my dad, “I’m going to college!” Knowledge and learning were immediately my favorite hobby. Every time I would pass the University, I was filled with awe-struck wonder and intense determination. When I was finally able to do dual enrollment with CNM my sophomore year of high school, I reached an emotional peak. So much so that when my sister gave me a tour of the campus and showed my my first classroom, my English class – in which I had thee most incredible instructor in the world – I sat down and sobbed. There were tears of fear, overwhelm, suspense and a great excitement for this unknown journey that I had been working so hard to begin.

IMG_2301My second passion is one that doesn’t have a clear beginning, rather it seems to be part of my makeup. This is the passion to explore. My dad used to take us kids on a “Dad’s Day” every Thursday when he was off work. I loved going to new parks, watching the airplanes take off, experiencing a different era at the museum or even trying the diverse array of Costco samples on Saturday mornings. Then there was my all time favorite thing to do as a kid: road trips. These were unfathomably glorious to me. The world was different everywhere we went. The dirt in Oklahoma is a deep rich brown with a dark earthy scent. The fog in San Antonio kissed each person who dared to walk through it. The ocean in Florida provides an unlimited amount of treasures to those who look, even just along the shore line.

Places, lugares. I am drawn to them like a magnet and I’ve always had an unbearable desire to see more, experience more and be a part of more. Everything from the landscape to the sky, to even the architecture seems to make people who they are. I fully believe that people reflect the land they are part of. How could they not? I think part of being diverse is connecting with many different areas. And that is why travel is so enchanting to me. There is no way to travel and experience different aspects of the world and come back the same. That reflection will always be on you.

I never went to sleep dreaming about my wedding dress or thinking about playing house. I dreamed of IMG_2293places where the grass is green and the water falls are fierce. I dreamed of the things I could accomplish with education and the different types of careers I could have. But most frequently, I dreamed of the places I would see and the things I would discover. It is unreal to me that in just nine days, I will embark on my first big journey outside of the US borders. It is one thing to dream of this and work so hard towards it. But it is a complete other thing to actually experience it.

So now I will tell you about my trip! On New Years Eve, I will land in Ecuador where I will stay for one month. Although I am sad to miss some time with family, it feels right that I will be in South America an hour before the 2016 begins. After my stay there, I will venture further south to Peru and stay there for two months. Here, I will be interning at a shelter for girls. The people helping here arrange activities for them, teach them English and make sure they have meals. When I was flipping through the binder of internships available, I was moving quickly until I hit this page where I stopped abruptly. Something just spoke in me that there was work for me to do here. And that is that. After Peru, I will spend my last month in Bolivia before coming home in May.

IMG_2295This trip has not, by any means, been easy to accomplish. I have been working tirelessly on it since June and have already had to face some of my fears and push myself outside of my comfort zone. It has been terrifying, yet thrilling all in one emotional bundle. I am positive that I will have another sob session like I did before starting college and I am okay with that.

I feel that my two passions that I have expressed here and the point I am trying to make is perfectly captured in this quote by John Adams which I will leave you with. I am purposing to document my journey through this blog so feel free to follow along 🙂


“There are two types of education. One should teach us how to make a living, And the other how to live.”

–John Adams