Lyric of Life by Elisha Garcia Gentlemen Deserve Ladies 11/29/15


Gentlemen Deserve Ladies

stop-565609__180Have you ever heard the term, “victim blaming?” I had heard this term before, but never knew what it meant. Not until I went to our Sexual Harassment training for my job and was thoroughly schooled on what it means. Basically it means that no man has the right to touch a girl inappropriately no matter what she is wearing, where she is, or what her behavior is. If then, a man were to take advantage of this girl, we are never to say, “oh, she asked for it.” Even if she was wearing provocative clothing very late at night by herself, it is not her fault.

On the one hand I had to agree wholeheartedly with the main point. No man has the right to touch a woman if she does not want him to. And to some degree, it doesn’t really matter what behavior she is displaying or what she is wearing. That does not, by any means, give any man a right to act on what he is feeling in the moment if it is not warranted by the woman. However, the whole time I was listening to the two woman at our meeting speak about this, I couldn’t help but feel strong disagreement rising with every word they said. So, basically, any woman has a right to just walk around half-naked and just expect men to not respond? Well yes, to the world’s standards that is exactly right. Every woman has a right to her body and to look the way she wants, to express herself any way she wants, and it is perfectly fine, accepted in fact, and men should never have any wrong thoughts towards her that drive them to act. This is what they are telling young girls and woman all over.

But to God’s standards, however, this could not be a more wrong view point. I was walking through the eye-989725__180mall not to long ago when I happened to look into one of the stores and saw a girl employee with not much on up top but something that sort-of resembled a bra. And this girl is going to get upset if a man looks at her chest instead of her eyes? What is wrong with society today that we allow woman to dress that way to work? Where you are suppose to be “professional?”

As outlined in black and white throughout scripture, both men and woman have specific parts and rolls to play. We are very different then each other, in body and mind, and that is what makes relationships and marriage so exciting and wonderfully amazing. Learning to live with someone who is opposite to you in every single way and become one as our beautiful Lord puts it. He has skillfully shaped a man and a woman the way He did because it is all part of His amazing design and He said it was good. So why then, do woman parade around saying, “woman can do anything men can plus have babies”? Wrong. God created men to be built differently to protect, love and cherish their one special woman. And God created woman differently so they can love, help and care for their one special man.

gentleman-155849__180Woman, we have a very beautiful and special roll to play that is the brilliant will of our God for our lives. We, as woman were created to live in a such a way that demands respect and honor. If we expect men to be gentleman, we need to give them something to be gentleman for. What happened to the days when woman would elegantly walk around is gorgeous dresses, showing nothing of themselves but there neck and face? Of course, I don’t expect woman to dress that way today, but I do admire and love to think of the way it use to be. Woman were classy, elegant, beautiful, and the man had to work hard for the woman he wanted.

Nowadays, woman are practically throwing themselves at every man because men, “like girls to make the first move now.” What? Men like to be men. They like it when they have to work for what they want and it makes the prize so much more valuable when they feel they deserve the precious woman they were willing to do anything to get. That is also part of the excitement that God intended. That a man should pursue a woman and work hard to get her. Once he has her then, he is to love her, treasure her, protect her, and never ever let her go. Forsaking all other woman for one. And a woman is to forsake all other men for one. For the rest of their lives.

I have been tremendously blessed that God has given me a gentleman in my life that I am beyond excited bridge-1038830__180to spend the rest of my life with. When we first met, we liked each other right away, but it took us about five months to go on our first courtship date because I refused to go out with him until he asked me in person. And he didn’t give up or run away! He was excited for the challenge and eagerly worked hard. We have not done everything perfect and have been though a lot, but we are doing our best to be the couple that God has designed us to be. And I know with all my heart that he will protect me, die for me, love me, cherish me, and only me for the rest of the life we are blessed to be with one another. I am working hard to live according to the standards God has set for a godly woman, to be the best wife I can be and honor, care for, treasure, and respect my Edward for as long as I live. There have been many times of temptation, but we are seeking to keep ourselves pure until we are made one through marriage.

sunset-801933__180Ladies, we are called to be more then what the world says we are. We deserve to be cherished and treasured above all else by one man. We are more valuable and precious than anything to our beautiful Savior Jesus and we are to live as such. And we are to seek men that will treat us that way. We are to hide our precious bodies and dress in a way that calls for respect and save our bodies for the one man God has for us, as not to be a stumbling block to our fellow Christian brothers and even non-Christian men. We are to speak graciously and with a kind heart and not let unwholesome talk come out of our mouths. We are to save our great love that the Lord has blessed us with, for only one man, so that we may give him all of the love we have, not wasting it on someone else that is not to be our husband. We are to honor the sacred vow of marriage that God has wonderfully made for us to enjoy, dream of, and long for. We are to be strong and uncompromising, yet we are to let our men be men and not try and take away their roll that God has rightfully given them. We are to let them protect us, even when we can protect ourselves. We are to let love-699480__180them open the door for us and let them lead us, even when we can do it ourselves. A true gentlemen loves to do it. We are to be the very treasure that a man has to work hard to get and be the woman that he will die for to keep. We are to be ladies. Ladies that deserve the best. Ladies that deserve gentlemen.

2 Timothy 2:20-22 “But in a great house there are not only vessels of gold and silver, but also of wood and clay, some for honor and some for dishonor. Therefore if anyone cleanses himself from the latter, he will be a vessel of honor, sanctified and useful for the Master, prepared for every good work. Flee also youthful lusts; but pursue righteousness, faith, love, peace with those who call on the Lord out of a pure heart.”