Worship through Music
I have many passions in life.

person-371015__180All of them I know are from the beautiful Lord of passions we serve. These passions have grown in my heart and become the main focus of my life of ministry that the Lord has specifically called me for. I have a passion for seeing lost people come to the Lord. I love to see the impact that worship can bring to a lost, empty, broken soul.

Ever since I was small child, and would frequently go visit my Grandmother Carmen, she would always say, “I can see you, out of the other kids, definitely have a calling for ministry.” And I always wondered what that meant, because I would always think, “No, that’s nice, but it’s not for me. What is ministry anyway?” And as I have gotten older, I know what exactly what that meant.

To me, there is nothing more beautiful then seeing a room full of thousands of people, different people, 20151030_213815short people, tall people, dark people, light people, happy people, solemn people, people like you and me… all raising their hands in worship to the God who loves us all equally and can change lives. Seeing people surrender themselves completely. Seeing them laugh, smile, cry, hands up, heads down, trembling arms stretched out, reaching, reaching to the One who knows them by name. I see the picture of hands raised to the Lord and I imagine that I am in Heaven, a scene of millions upon millions of hands all reaching with all they have in them – to God.

music-25705__180Even though our hands can’t physically reach heaven while we are here on this earth, our hearts, our souls – touch a place of love that can only come from our sweet Savior’s arms. Music has the power to move us, to impact us, to change our mood, to make our day, to ruin our joy. God gave us the power and gift of music to glorify Him, to empower us through our emotions and senses to fall on our faces and worship Him, to cause us to cry because we have nothing left, to cause us to bow because we cannot do anything else. We feel God’s love, joy, peace, kindness, passion, forgiveness, power, strength, wonder… all through music. What a powerful thing that is! When we use it to worship the one who created it, the one who created it for us and in us, imagine the joy we bring to the Father’s heart! When we lift our hands, voices, and hearts to Him, we are giving Him the sacrifice of worship because there is nowhere else we would rather be. We are one with our Savior in the most intimate of ways, just how he designed and intended us to be.

I want to lead people, not just in singing to the Lord, but in true, pure, and beautiful worship of the church-729580__180beautiful One. The Divine Composer. There are many ways to worship the Lord, and one of them is through music, which causes a stark difference between merely singing, and worship. When I go to a Christian concert, more then watching the band and being excited to see them, I love to watch the way people worship. Of course, I worship with them, because that’s where my heart sings. But I get a pure joy when the chorus comes because I know it will cause people to raise their hands. And that delicate moment, when time itself stops, is the most surreal, beautiful moment of them all.

celebrate-954794__180I am fascinated by the fact that the God of wonders and passions has caused so much creativity in us, through song, art, writing, design, and then he causes us to want to praise Him with what He has entrusted to us! He knows we will never be able to repay Him for what He has done and continues to do for us, but He gave us such marvelous tools and abilities to express what we sometimes just can’t say. When we are short of words to describe Him, we can only cry out to Him in worship, whichever form of worship that is. We can paint a beautiful picture of his creation, we can write a story to show our love for Him. What a privilege! Our God is so good, and so lovely, and so radiant that He has given us a way to love Him and to show that love to Him.

Worship through music can change the hardest of souls, the grimmest of hearts, the emptiest of lives into a wellspring of His mercy and grace, with tears of redeemed joy running down our faces. What else can we do when we are in the presence of a God of mercy and love who can transform lives? Worship with all that is within you.

“Of David. Praise the LORD, my soul; all my inmost being, praise his holy name.”

~Psalm 103:1