Marcie May at the NM Roundhouse HB275 Rob Montoya & Elisa Martinez The HUB Media Coverage


LISTEN HERE! Marcie May, our amazing and wonderful Pro-Life sister, was at the Round House in Santa Fe New Mexico at the State Capitol today 2/4/16 representing The HUB of New Mexico Christian Internet Radio Station She gave us updates on the hearing for HB275 Require Medical Care for ALL INFANTS! She also got us some great interviews with the key people in this Life Bill – Representative Rob Montoya and New Mexico Alliance for Life Executive Director – Elisa Martinez.

Check out the 4 interviews she obtained for us here on The HUB of New Mexico Christian Internet Radio Station!

Marcie May is a Pro-Life Warrior and the author of Ebelize A New Mexico Christmas Carol a great book about an Abortionist and a changed heart. Pick up your copy TODAY!!