image1By: Emily Sitdikova

Each week we have been utilizing yet another one of the great, and inexpensive, children’s opportunities Albuquerque has to offer – fifty cent swim night! This last week, I transitioned the babes from the kiddy pool area down to the ‘deep end’, which is 3 feet 6 inches in their world. It is so fun to see their different reactions and personalities react to the new environment, new challenges and interactions with other splashing kids.


To get to the deeper end, I hold one child on each arm until they can’t touch anymore, than lift them the rest of the way. Once again, God used this parenting moment as a vivid display of my daily spiritual encounters with him. As we transitioned back to the shallow end and they could touch again, Liam kept squirming in fear and gripping my arm so tight as I tried to set him down, there were little baby finger marks up my arm. I had to keep repeating that he could touch! “Just put down your feet Liam! It’s not too deep, you can reach.” The more he kicked, the more his feet floated to the top, missing the concrete securities of solid ground.


How many times do I do this in my faith walk?! I’m always kicking and squirming around, worrying how I can’t do it or can’t reach, fearing I’ll be drown amongst the splashing chaos around me, and God is literally holding me waiting for me to calm down and just set my feet down to touch the shallow end. He’s always holding on, like a mother who would never just let go in the deep end.


I am in awe of how I learn so much in my spiritual walk through these daily encounters with my babies. How much different would my view of Jesus be if I didn’t have these little loves of my own to raise.