IMG_1283Over the past year, with our home on the market, two house moves, living with in-laws, all of our toys and things packed up and just pure exhaustion on my part, I have caved to the phenomenon known as toddler driven technology!

My 3.5 yr old Liam is very familiar with the iPad, which was my 25th birthday present, but he has seemingly taken over. Amongst all the educational games and learning activities I downloaded for him, he always migrates to toy based videos on YouTube…which he thinks is called Tutu.

After months of ‘iPad time’ every night when I was busy or needed to help my daughter with something, I noticed an awful characteristic forming in my sweet child. Discontentment. Always seeing new toys and other kids opening presents at birthday parties or Santa coming every day, he started developing a need in his tiny innocent heart for more, more, MORE! Our brand new 10′ by 20′ foot playroom, packed with fun toys wasn’t enough anymore. Of course I understand his small little body wasn’t trying to be unthankful or disregard all the presents he had received over the years, but we are all only human, right?!

I have been so convicted by seeing this circumstance form in his life. I watch commercials, walk the mall, see my friends with new things, or even glance at Facebook with the pure feeling of desire at every new pair of shoes or cleaning product my friends have purchased. I’m not so much after ‘things’ at this point in my life, however. It’s the family vacations, fun outings with other friends, pregnancy announcements or brand new babies announced, cute photography sessions other people got, new boyfriends, college graduations, exciting house moves and so on that rid my heart with discontentment.

I. Have. So. Much. I can’t even believe that God has blessed me with my fully working vehicles that need little to no maintenance to carry my babies and I around town, a beautiful metal roof (with dormers!!!) over my head, a husband who gives every ounce of his being to provide all the things my family could ever want and two babies who are unique and breathing, each in their very own bedroom packed with ‘stuff’ each night…ALL night. Mom win.

Thank you, God, for once again reminding me through my babies that my ‘iPad time’ may look different than Liam’s, but I still need to break that devilish emotion of discontentment and only be saturated by thankfulness to YOU!