By Emily Sitdikova

peppa-pigOne night last week, after we had finished reading our three books and watching our nightly episode of Peppa Pig, we heard a small bang, and all the lights went out. It was completely black inside and out, but I could feel Liam’s eyes looking to me for answers of why his beloved pink friend was no longer jumping in muddy puddles. I thought we maybe tripped the breaker and thankfully my husband was home to do the usual checklist of tasks should this happen. After some time, we noticed our entire block was out. I was trying to stay calm for Liam, although all I could think about was the 19 degrees of outside chill that would slowly creep into our home with no heat!

As I mentally ran through the list of things to keep him occupied until bedtime, I realized they all needed electricity…the television was obviously out, the iPad needed charging, grabbing a late night snack from the fridge meant raising the content’s temperature even faster, reading more books meant I needed a lamp and so on!

Why do I not rely on God like I do on electricity! Why do I not depend on him for every waking moment, bible-985035__180activity and decision! He is the ULTIMATE power source and I need to make sure we are ‘plugged in’ as a family at all times. How frequently am I running in the dark with my battery pack of God’s Word so readily available?

Needless to say, one of the neighbors had already called in the incident and PNM had the issue fixed within 30 minutes, so all my world altering anxieties of freezing to death (hah!) or despair over ruined leftover Dion’s pizza were a total waste of brain cells. Peppa popped back on the screen just in time for us to hear daddy pig’s goodbye ‘SNOOOOOOORT’. (If your kids aren’t as obsessed with Peppa as mine, please forgive the references; and if they are-you know what I mean:)

I’m so glad that God sent me that little reminder amongst the busy weeks leading up to the holidays. I need a God power outage once in a while to really realize how much I need HIM!