times-square-244112__180My son Liam’s new favorite question is ‘what does that sign say?’ I hear it about 47 times every single day. It’s fun to know he’s interested in reading and noticing letters and signage, but sometimes I just make something up since half the time we’re driving and I can’t read it anyway! The best is when he tries to decipher the sign himself by whatever picture is accompanying it, which leads to some interesting concepts.

My favorite is at the local zoo, which we frequent, by the hippos on a small bridge over their cage. It is a sign of a stick figure holding a baby over the ledge with an X over it. He always reminds me, “No throwing babies!”…Thanks dear.

Sometimes he’s right and sometimes he’s wrong, but he’s realizing that signs are there to help us and guidepenguins-1051324__180 us in places we haven’t been before. I firmly believe that God uses signs in our lives to help guide us on His path as well. Sometimes they are very clear, and sometimes it seems confusing or not the right instructions, but that’s when faith in His promises come in handy.

A great example has shown itself evident in our lives just recently as we are in the house hunting process. We have found a few homes we like and have made offers, but God has continually lead us in and out of various situations where it doesn’t work out. Usually I would be heartbroken or frustrated, but I feel an amazing peace that he knows the plan and will have everything conclude in a perfect home for us in His timing.

“Ask for a confirming sign from the LORD your God. You can even ask for something miraculous.” Isaiah 7:11