image1By: Emily Stidikova

After a recent bible study I did last month with the topic of the Tower of Babel, I realized how fortunate I am to have lots of exposure to languages in my life! I married into a family from an area near Russia, who now live in Albuquerque and speak Russian daily in the home. Living in New Mexico, we are clearly not short on Spanish speakers, and I have a sister-in-law who does sign language. However, my favorite language of all is toddler.

My sweet boy will come up with the funniest sentences with just a couple words off kilter. Such as a favorite song of his where he frequently replaces ‘men’ with ‘Ben’, hot ‘lava’ is ‘guava’ or when he mixes up ‘ornaments’ and ‘instructions’, and he definitely can’t say his ‘L’ very well, so most days they go from Liam and Livi to Wiam and Vivi.

One of my favorite memories of the past month has been Olivia starting to babble and getting her two cents in the conversation. Sometimes she’ll go off on a ‘toddler’ rant, making sense to only her and stuffed animals. Liam was so impressed one day, he ran up to me with more excitement than he could contain, expressing: ‘Mom!!! Olivia is speaking Spanish!!!’.

A lot of days I feel like I’m not speaking God’s language. I don’t know if you feel that way too, but I frequently have to ask for understanding and knowledge of what he means in certain verses or parables. Not to mention, I don’t always speak God’s language of love to strangers in the street or even my kids. Thankfully He is a patient God, and similar to me knowing and understanding Liam’s unique language just based on time with him, I can speak and understand and speak God’s language the more time I spend with Him! Reading the bible is like Rosetta Stone in God.

(Just a side note-If you haven’t read the ‘5 Love Languages of Children’, by Chapman and Campbell, I highly recommend, in addition to ‘The Message’ bible, by Peterson if reading straight bible scripture is difficult for you!)