image1By Emily Sitdikova

Usually my posts are about me as a mother and parenting my little youngsters, but sometimes it’s hard to remember that I am also a child.

I have always been a huge daddy’s girl and loved every minute of the time I got to spend and be with my dad. I remember waiting by my window as a very young child in the early mornings to watch his lights drive down our long driveway to work at 5am, listening to his weird jokes that lost humor after the first time, but you still laugh because HE gets such a kick out of it and always knowing that absolutely no matter what I did, he would always love me and take me under his arm to comfort me. My dad taught me what it is to be a hard worker, honest friend and loyal spouse.

I was a good kid, with a few questionable years throughout the later years of high school, when boys and cars seemed more exciting than dad. I spent days at school and nights with friends. I image3made some decisions that hurt my dad so much and I lost a lot of precious family time that I wish I could get back! As soon as that phase (and thank goodness short!) of my life was over – dad was there waiting to rebuild our relationship again and comfort me from the pains of this world.

Now, living far away, I only get to see him once or twice a year for birthdays and weddings. I still know he loves me so much, even though we don’t get to talk or hug everyday. With social media, I still get to hear his silly jokes and see his handsome smile.

It’s hard to imagine that Jesus could love me more than dad, or that I should love Jesus more than dad! Jesus will always take me back after hard times or hurtful circumstances. Jesus and I are far apart now, but I will be coming home soon when we can talk and hug everyday. He has my room ready, just like my earthly father always has. Thankfully, I am 100% positive that dad is going to see Jesus, too.