imageAs a busy mom of two, and much like many other moms out there, meal prep is often a source of stress or last minute gathering of random ingredients available in the pantry. By busy, I mean planning playdates, returning library books, going on walks in the glorious November New Mexico sunshine with my little guy on his bike, attending weekend birthday parties, going to Albuquerque’s various museums and the zoo, and scrapbooking my children’s life events – so I’m not complaining!

A few years back, a good friend of mine shared her ‘two ingredient pancakes’ with me and they are now a staple for breakfast in our house. For most, two ingredient breakfasts include a vast selection of cereals and some 2% milk- so this is a good alternative with a little more nutrition. We are never short on bananas or eggs in our home, so this was a perfect and healthy solution for me. Who knew that two basic ingredients could make such a delicious final product that my kids have no problem devouring day after day!

When thinking of this basic recipe, I was thinking of other amazing things that can come out of just two simple ingredients. Pinterest is definitely not short on these ideas if you are interested in looking into it further…hence my son’s two ingredient birthday cake last week! But it got me to thinking about a different aspect to the ‘two ingredient’ concept. What about love and understanding in this time of great sadness and trials in France, or patience and respect with the recent Lilly Garcia tragedy here in Albuquerque, or contentment and thankfulness as the season of gifts and shopping is upon us?

Most importantly, as inspired from my Pastor’s Sunday message this weekend, is compassion and mercy. leaves-1025495__180What an amazing product could come from continually compassionate and merciful communities all over the city?! Now my pancakes are pretty hard to beat – especially with a little cinnamon mixed in – but imagine people being compassionate towards their neighbors, fellow shoppers preparing for Thanksgiving meals and drivers on their way home from work day after day? Let’s let someone cut in front of us in line, pick the neighbors weeds while getting those massive goat heads out of our own yard, or grab an extra coffee at the drive thru in anticipation for the person we are sure to meet at the interstate exit on the way home. We can make such a wonderful product with just the two simple ingredients of compassion and mercy, and maybe even sprinkle in a little joy! We’re heading to the kitchen now; it’s Liam’s job to mash the bananas…

Two Ingredient Pancakes:
2 ripe medium bananas, mashed
3 eggs
Cinnamon – optional

Mix all together, batter will be runnier than traditional pancake batter. Cook as normal over medium heat and serve. No syrup needed as they are very sweet already!