Some of my favorite memories of my son the past 12 months revolve around his rapidly increasing vocabulary and some of the sweet, and not so sweet, things he repeats and remembers. This age is so much fun, because I can finally have a conversation with someone other than myself throughout the day!

During our bedtime routine one night after prayers, I asked Liam, “Who do we pray to?”. After some discussion, we decided it was Jesus. I proceeded to ask where Jesus lives, and he excitedly responded with, “In my harp!” I recorded it and replayed it about a million times, never wanting to forget the innocent and loving child with Jesus in his ‘harp’.

Every teaching opportunity with my kids, especially the basic concepts like ‘who do we pray to?’, make me reevaluate and break down my own answers to those questions. Who DO I pray to? Am I really putting God first in all areas of my life, or am I allowing myself to ‘pray’ to other areas? I want to be an example of God’s grace and compassion to friends and family around me, however I often let other things get in the way of his ultimate plan. Whether it simply be pride, keeping up with activities, or comparing myself to other moms – I often find myself putting these ‘things’ on a pedestal where God should be.

Every time I ask Liam who we pray to, I remember to really think of my true answer and plan how to actively show my children that ‘as for me and my house, we will serve the LORD!’. Who lives in your harp?