My Doritos Pro-Life Speech 2016 by: Marcie May in Front of the New Mexico State Senate


My Doritos Pro-Life Speech 2016 by: Marcie May

This is the full written speech (with some extra comments that I added during speaking, because I rarely speak straight off of a written speech. There may be editing changes for clarity.) that I had attached to an empty bag of Doritos as I delivered most of it at the Senate hearing during the debate on SB 242 & 243, on the attempt to ban Late Term Abortion and Partial Birth Abortion in New Mexico. This took place on Tuesday, February 9, 2016, in Santa Fe, New Mexico, at our State’s Capital.

Neither passed.

I wanted to share this because I believe that many of us know these truths, but many times, we feel that we are not qualified or feel intimidated. Not everyone feels that they can speak in front of a group of others, or in a hearing, but everyone is able to, by nature of our Constitution. You are important!

But you can speak at the water cooler, or in the lunch room, at the dinner table. If you can have a few basic truths, that are undeniable, they will go deep. They will change people’s thinking, because that is what truth does. We don’t have to “defend truth,” we just have to speak it. Truth brings clarity.

It’s funny, that even a commercial brought out truth. And the responses from NARAL and PP also revealed how they really think. While there are those who believe that no one should speak for fear that you might offend someone (I call them the Political Correctness Police), I like to let them speak – as much as they can. I like to listen and take notes. You can tell by their own words, where they really stand, what bothers them, and why. Their heroes were exposed for who they were. And on Tuesday, five Pro-Choice senators were faced with the fact that their decisions of that vote were chillingly similar to those who would fight to keep slavery alive, just as it did in the mid 1800’s in America. Because that is all that abortion is. Slavery. For profit.

“Words matter. When we dehumanize people, only to call them demons, monsters, and murderers, we make it easier for others to do them harm?”

Who do you think this was from this from? Some said, “Hitler.” I actually was referring to Jessica Valenti, a NARAL pro-choice author. Planned Parenthood had her on their site with this quote when referring to the December 1st 2015, Denver Planned Parenthood shooting up in Colorado. (Yes, it was a senseless and ruthless attack that should not have ever happened. And it does not reflect the whole of how Pro-Life groups demonstrate, pray, or protest.)

As you can see, I brought my speech, attached to an empty Doritos bag. Why? Because the same groups who were so worried about workers being dehumanized at their clinics, now became infuriated about them showing an ultrasound on national television. Why? They were quoted as saying, “How dare they humanize that fetus in that ultrasound!”

Wow. One would think that the way they were so threatened by that little Baby in there, that there was truly a monster or demon that they had to be afraid of. But they are afraid. Very afraid. They are afraid of the truth. That that little Baby (whose real name is Freddy) was such a threat to their choice, their way of life.

So, we see that words do matter because those of us who are pro-life are now called anti-choice. Their previous words are now the ones that defeat their argument.

These guys dehumanize babies and instead of being called babies, they are called POCs or products of conception or the best decision for the family.

They are now called a choice.

My point is if people can see that these Little Ones are real human beings, there would be no more argument of whether abortion is wrong or not. Clearly, Pro-Abortion people do not want this secret to come out.

Even liberal Bill Moyer is quoted as saying, “You just can’t look in there and not see that it’s a Baby. It’s kind of wrong to kill it.”

My question to you, Senators, is this what side would you have been on in the 1860’s? When the question of whether blacks were considered persons or property? Looking back, we all hang our heads in shame at an era of our country when African Americans were considered subhuman or just property of fellow human being. But, you see, when the Black Slaves were considered “property” they had no rights. They were not human beings in the eyes of the Law. And so it is with the Unborn of our Nation today.

[I turned around and spoke these words to everyone in that room – first to each side of the room and then to the Senators up front.]

I believe that 50 years from now that we as a nation will hang our heads in shame for allowing this barbaric practice of Late Term Abortion and Partial Birth Abortion to remain legal. And not only to be legal but to be protected by law under the guise of being someone’s right.

These bills have been stymied over and over during these past several years. Use of intimidation, high pressure from bused-in-lobbyists, bullying and fear-based language threatening anyone who dare speak against the Pro-Abortion people. These big-wig powerful Pro-Abortion PAC’s livelihoods are threatened by little Babies. They are intimidated by ultrasounds – mere pictures of these little Babies!

And the only way that they push their agendas by controlling the narrative. Controlling the words that are being used in the court rooms. They change the vocabulary, and they play the victim.

One would be moved to tears by their rhetoric, except that these same tactics have been used before. They are all very similar maneuvers, not only used by those who are abusive, but actually buy those in history who have done the same kinds of things.

In fact when I asked who has said this quote in the beginning many people have said Hitler. He was a master at the dehumanizing the Jews. He was a master at making them monsters or demons. He was a master at making him the source of all of their economic woes. The Pro-Abortion groups learn best from the masters of this kind of behavior.

No my only recourse is to say is that we will not be giving up and we will not go away.

So today, Senators, which ones of you are going to turn the tide? Which ones of you are going to continue to vote status quo? It is clear that the these committees especially in the Senate or stacked against pro-life legislation but which one of you will break the tide? Which one of you would change New Mexico history? [There was only one vote needed to support the ban.]

Or will you continue to have New Mexico follow the draconian ways treating these Unborn Children in this barbaric fashion?

Obviously, the Doritos commercial hit a resounding chord of truth. These truths aren’t just held by a few individuals or even a few groups. There is even a group called Atheists for Life; apart, from what they would consider any religious restraints, they still call out for the humane treatment of these Unborn Children!

So why are we New Mexicans so dependent on the practices of Late Term Abortion and a Partial Birth Abortion? We need not only to ask, “Why this is still allowed?”but, then we also need to ask, “What do we need to do to make it stop?”

I’d also like to remind you that you’re going to hear testimonies and how women have been stigmatized but I say that they have been used as pawns for profit and putting their lives in danger all for the sake of convenience and profit. I’d like to ask you to please consider the safety of this woman’s life and the humanity that we are so easily disposing of and such a brutal manner They are also being manipulated for profit, in a time of crisis. This is not right.

Thank you