Nancy Rosecrans Bush – One of Many Stories from a Hospice Nurse – Babies & Angels

Nancy and Her Daughter Stephanie

One Memory of Many by Nancy Rosecrans Bush:

I had the privilege of taking care of a woman in her 40’s who was dying of cancer. She had been a minister in her church. I think it was in music ministry.

I spent a great amount of time with her because we were having trouble getting her pain controlled. I like to get to know the people of whom I am caring for. I became very close to this person and we talked much about our beliefs.

There are two discussions we had during this time that have always stood out in my memory. Both were close to the time she was about to pass away.

The first discussion was how she had seen the angles. They weren’t dressed in white but gold and purple. She went into detail about how beautiful their wings were and what they looked like. How beautiful it was in heaven. She talked about the golden streets and other beautiful things. She also talked about the river flowing through it

The second discussion she had been in and out of sleep and sometimes confused. This time she was very much alert. She kept saying she needed to get to the babies. I asked her what babies she was talking about. She said the babies that have died before they were born. The ones that were sick and those that had been aborted. She said they were all on the other side of the river waiting. They were happy, and she just wanted to be with them.

Some people would say that she was hallucinating, but those people weren’t with her. In my mind she really saw this. She was alert and confident.