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If you like history and art, you’ll love WILLIAM STONE’S NEW MEXICO THEN AND NOW.

Using the principal of repeat photography–finding an old picture of a location and rephotographing the same spot–he created a photographic, geographic, and to a degree social history of the state called The Land of Enchantment.

You’ll have a good time looking through this beautiful coffee table volume. Like every region of the world, New Mexico has had its share of quirky places, where outrageous people did off the wall stuff. And–places where events were dead serious, and which still influence our lives, though they happened long ago.

With his large-format camera and tall tripod, STONE has captured the best of The Land of Enchantment’s spots for the now images. Even better, his then shots were taken by some of America’s finest early photographers. William Henry Jackson, Edward Weston, and many others bring the pages of the book to life. STONE’s captions add to the pictures, documenting his feelings and thoughts as he worked on each location.

His writing partner, JEROLD WIDDSON’s essays tie the pictures together in a lively fashion. No dull paragraphs full of facts here. In fact, if you have someone at home thinks history class is boring, leave NEW MEXICO THEN AND NOW around to be discovered. If you have someone who finds history exciting, NEW MEXICO THEN AND NOW is the perfect coffee table book because it’s designed to be opened and examined slowly even savored.

Unfortunately, the book is out of print but you can find used copies on Amazon and a scanned copy on Google here. Check it out, you will love it.

San Miguel Church in Santa Fe
San Miguel Church in Santa Fe

san miguel mission church Santa Fe