Night Lights by Laura 10/19/15


Greetings friend,

As God has led me through my journey of growing closer to HIM, He has blessed me with so much to share. I have felt led to write a nightly devotional to close off the day and to bring His Word into the lives of anyone who reads this.

lantern-621225__180I am calling it “Night Lights by Laura”. This name actually means so much for so many reasons – 1st of all it is in honor of my beautiful mother, Carmen Rockwell, who has been my greatest encourager and cheerleader all my life. She has stood by me through thick and thin and has showered me with God’s love and grace. The name actually came to me because my precious mamasita sleeps with a night light every night for comfort. She lives next door to me and every night before I go to bed and I close the kitchen blinds I can see her night light shining through her bedroom window. Not only does her night light bring HER comfort – it brings ME comfort as well to know she is there and praying for me daily.

The second reason I chose this name is because as the physical night light brings comfort so does the Night building-690854__180Light of our precious Lord and Savior bring comfort to all who ask and accept His mercy and grace. He is the beacon of LIGHT that shines daily in the lives of believers through the darkness of a sinful world. Each day is filled with news of death and destruction in our world yet all we have to do is trust in our Creator and Savior and we can rest peacefully in the Light – our own personal Night Light – which brings peace and hope each closing of the day. We can REST in His arms as we lay our heads down to rest in our physical and spiritual selves.

So join me  as we explore His Word and find rest and peace to settle our minds and our spirits in HIM.