He is a graduate of Luther Rice Seminary with a Bachelor of Arts in Biblical Studies. Clarence also has some post graduate work toward a Master’s in Biblical Studies. He is the Senior pastor of Abundant Life Community Church in Albuquerque, NM, for the past sixteen years. He has a total of twenty seven years of pastoral leadership experience. He is the president of CSA Gospel Message Enterprises. CSA is a local organization of pastors and lay people that promote unity and prayer in the body of Christ and the proclamation of the Gospel for the healing of our nation.

Unknown Clarence is also a graduate of DeVry Institute of Technology, Chicago, Illinois (his home town), with a degree in Electronic Engineering Technology. He retired with thirty years of experience in the field of engineering and science. Clarence and his wife Janice have six children and twelve grandchildren.


Some brief information about the book by Clarence that will soon be published by WestBow entitled Tools for Effective Prayer: Mechanics, Dynamics, and Contents of Prayer is given below:

Everything you always wanted and needed to know about prayer–and more–is contained in this book! Your current prayer life is the most important element in the production of your current lifestyle.

Therefore, if you want a prayer life that will bring more glory to God, enable you to see God’s face clearer than you have ever seen it before, and move God’s hand in your favor like never before–then you must start praying like you have never prayed before! Tools for Effective Prayer will teach you how to do that.

This book should be on the desk of every pastor, the coffee table of every Christian home, and in every classroom where the principles of prayer are being taught.

There are some mechanics of prayers, such as persistency and fervency, that are essential for effective prayer.

However, without the proper dynamics of prayer working to produce spiritual power in a person’s life—the positive effects of the discipline of proper mechanics are nullified.1896938_485417464896476_1726422824_n

Such is also the case with the contents of prayer. If one’s prayers don’t include the essential contents or aspects of prayer—effectiveness (or power) will be greatly diluted.

Hence, it is of the utmost important to the effectiveness of prayer that believers possess a thorough understanding of the mechanics, dynamics, and contents of prayer. So why is an effective prayer life so vitally important?

Jesus said that He came so that believers could live life abundantly, John 10:10 NKJV. Possessing life abundantly or victory every day in every way—in every aspect of your life—starts with an effective prayer life. And maintaining such a victorious lifestyle—day in and day out, year in and year out—requires an effective prayer life. Therefore, most believers (possibly as many as 99%) are not living the abundant life because most don’t have an effective prayer life.

This book is therefore designed to take its readers on a journey to an effective prayer life. And when the journey is completed—the journey participants’ lives will never-ever be the same again! An abundant, victorious lifestyle starts with effective prayer, ends with effective prayer, and is marinated with effective prayer from the beginning to the end.