PASTOR CLARENCE WASHINGTON Author of Tools for Effective Prayer


LISTEN HERE: The HUB of New Mexico Christian Internet Radio Station had Pastor Clarence Washington author of the new book Tools for Effective Prayer: The Mechanics, Dynamics, and Contents of Prayer, which is now available (9×6, 434 pages). It is available in softcover, hardback, and ebook. You can purchase it from the following sources:

Myself by emailing me now (or my website will be online in a couple of weeks: (Excerpts) (Extensive excerpts on free kindle download) (Sample read available)

This is a must read for pastors, leaders, teachers, and laypeople. You won’t be disappointed! It is loaded with illustrations, insightful quotation, poems, and prayers of all kinds. It also contains numerous imaginative graphics on particular subjects of prayer by my son Donald who is an illustrator and graphic designer. It has an extensive table of contents, author and subject index, Scripture index, and several other items of interests concerning prayer in the appendix. It is a handbook on prayer that will make a difference in your life for years to come! A picture of the front cover is shown above.

Pastor C. Washington