By Laura Rosecrans:

Last year, March 2014, Our Lord Our God mercifully took me to an Abortion Recovery Bible Study and healed me from 33 years of torment and anguish from my abortion. That abortion happened when I was 16 years old. Many of you know my story as I have shared my journey through blogs and Facebook.

index1Something I haven’t shared is that my precious sister Laura Morrison – who facilitated my Abortion Recovery Class along with Summer Hoover – would share with us her many adventures doing protesting. She kept telling us about this group – Protest ABQ – and a couple that led the protests, Bud & Tara Shaver along with Father Stephen Ibarrato with Priests for Life. I remember listening to her and seeing how excited she was about being used by God for this purpose. I was very happy for her that she had found her niche…but I told myself – being newly healed and having no experience with the Pro-Life movement – that I would and could NEVER do anything like that!! 12250037_1009643925820828_4832098891307401521_n


In my quest of investigating every pro-life event and organization out there, since my healing, I have been blessed and honored to work with a variety of organizations with a variety of purposes. Father Imbarrato and the Shavers have given us the opportunity to experience their part of the Pro-Life movement and it has certainly been well worth it. Even though going to this butcher shop, known as Planne Parenthood, is always a bit nerve wrecking before I get there – since I am directly going close to the proverbial “Lion’s Den” – once I get there everything is alright. I have attended a couple of other Protest Planned Parenthood organized by Protest ABQ but today, 11/21/15, was different. 12239750_1009643909154163_5918553369459304585_n

Today we went from what is the “comfort” of San Mateo Blvd. in Albuquerque to the close and intimate quarters of the neighborhood that is behind the Planned Parenthood Facility. This may sound strange but transitioning from a busy street with cars passing by quickly is not as intimidating as going into a neighborhood. Bud explained to me the reasoning for this is bring awareness to the people who live directly behind this, what I refer to as, the House of Horrors.

12274421_1009643709154183_8044238800694850803_nSo, after my husband Dan Rosecrans led us in prayer, we were off. We silently and peacefully marched in single file on the sidewalks of this quiet and quaint area full of homes and apartments. Bud gave us instructions NOT to interact – just walk quietly and prayerfully. We did. 12250146_1009643729154181_4550906067049362666_n

As we walked together banded in unity for the cause of LIFE, I could FEEL the Holy Spirit walking with us and guiding us along in the protection of His power. I felt such joy and such peace and knew that my healing was for SUCH A TIME AS THIS! I now understood Laura Morrison’s excitement at being called out by God to serve Him in this way and even though it wasn’t anything compared to other major protests Protest ABQ has courageously led, it felt amazing being a part of this experience in a small way.

I encourage everyone out there to give it a shot and experience this for yourself. And remember…NEVER SAY NEVER!