President Obama Does Not Want Us to Overreact


Pres. Barack Obama is warning the world not to fear Islamic terrorism. He is actually telling America not to overreact, but America is concerned that Pres. Barack Obama is under-reacting.

It is as if we are seeing a bad magician, or maybe it’s like the classic Wizard of Oz, when the performer is trying to keep us from seeing what is going on even though it is as plain as the nose on our face.

It reminds me of what PT Barnum used to say, “you can fool most of the people some of the time, but you can’t fool all of the people, all of the time.”

A new poll suggests that Americans are no longer being fooled, regardless of political ideology. More than 55% of Americans, on both the right and the left, feel like strangers in their own country.

The Bible tells us that there will be those in the last days who claim “peace and safety”, but then there is sudden destruction. Pres. Obama would like for us not to be concerned about Islamic terrorism. But this is about more than the people killed in Paris, France.

Tens of thousands, if not hundreds of thousands of people have been brutally murdered in Middle Eastern countries by the Islamic State. While their forays into international terror are just starting to get our attention, we have quietly watched as untold numbers of Christians and Muslims, as well as others, have been slaughtered.

The president of the United States is satisfied with the progress that he has made while in office; he is achieved many of his goals. It is inconvenient that the mayhem caused in Paris has awakened Americans from their slumber, so now Mr. Obama is hoping to lull us back to sleep. He is finding that he must tone down his rhetoric and actually appear to work with Congress.

Believers should not so easily be lulled back to sleep, just like the bride in the Song of Solomon, now is not the time to slumber there is work to be done as the fall rains have returned and the fields are white for the harvest.

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