President Obama is Accused of Helping ISIS


By: Pastor Paul Holt with The Bible Factor

Is President Obama fighting ISIS or helping ISIS? According to a story in the Washington Post Iraqis are accusing the United States of helping the Islamic state instead of fighting them.

There have also been reports in recent weeks that before the United States conducts airstrikes against the Muslim terrorists, we drop flyers to warn any of the fighters who might be innocent.

At the same time, the United States has announced that we will be sending more special forces into Syria and Iraq to fight the Islamic state. However, some have noted that the aircraft being sent into the war zone are equipped with anti-Russian weapons. Is it coincidence that when Turkey recently shot down a Russian fighter jet that it was American backed Syrians who attacked the rescue helicopters?

So what are we to think? Pres. Obama’s policies have led to the rise of the Islamic state during his watch and the refugee crisis that is disrupting much of Europe and the United States.

Since Barack Obama was elected president he has presented a problem to believers in Jesus Christ who also happen to love their country. While we never have a problem criticizing our leaders in a constructive way, we never want to believe that a president of the United States is working contrary to the best interests of America and the world. We would prefer to believe that the president is just misguided or ill informed and we hope to help them see the light.

In the case of Barack Obama, it really does appear that he has a greater love for fundamentalist Muslims than for his own country. It even appears that he would prefer to fight every Christian nation and promote and protect Islam.

What is the Bible Factor in this? While at first I would quote that a double-minded man is unstable in all his ways, I believe what we see here is the fulfillment of what happens to a nation that rejects God according to the book of Deuteronomy. May the Lord have mercy on the United States of America.