Organizers of UNM’s Sex Week welcomed students to Dirty Lola’s Sex Ed A Go Go, while wearing uvula costumes from Self Serve.

By Sade Patterson – President of Student’s For Life UNM

The University of New Mexico (UNM) held its second annual Sex Week on November 9-13, hosted by the Student Alliance for Reproductive Justice. The event brought lectures to campus about the safety of all birth control and abortion, support for LGBT members, advise on good oral, anal sex, and orgies, and tied it all together by stating how religion and our culture supports these topics.


Former Medical Director and abolitionist of Planned Parenthood, Diana Koster spoke at Tuesday night’s event, “Birds and the Bees 2.0: Better Birth Control, Abortion, and STI Education.” During her presentation, Koster addressed the many concerns people have on the health of hormonal contraception-specifically the estrogen-progesterone oral contraceptive combined pill and the minipill. According to Koster, the claims that the pill is ranked as a carcinogen and increases the risk of breast, cervical, and liver cancer are false. Despite this evidence being supported by organizations such as the National Cancer Institute and, Koster says, “I know that is not true… The risk is so small. It’s good medicine…Planned Parenthood does it.” Koster also claimed “pregnancy has more risks than being on birth control.” When approached on the negative effects of abortion, Koster said, “Safe legal abortion, done by the proper providers…umm…the only real risk is an infection if the person doesn’t take their antibiotics.” Koster feels the studies that provide evidence of legal abortions leading to breast cancer, an increased risk in suicide, Post-Abortion Stress Syndrome, infertility, and many other complications “have not been done properly.”


On Wednesday evening’s “Let’s Talk About Sex and Religion”, three members of different religious organizations were invited to speak on their views of sex in their own religion. Jewish Rabbi, Arthur Flicker stressed that according to his religion, “people are born lesbian or gay…God created them this way.” In addition, Flicker also supported abortion by saying that it is a “woman’s right to protect herself in the case of a pregnancy.” Rev. Angela Herrera, minister of a local liberal Unitarian church spoke of her belief in “the right to sexual wholeness and healthy sexual expression is a human right.” According to Herrera’s faith, this human right does not discriminate against homosexual, premarital, or polygamous sex. Lastly, Fr. Frank Quintana from Blessed Oscar Romero expressed how the Archdiocese of Santa Fe does not support his “progressive values” that advocate for the rights of the homosexual and LGBT community to not only attend the congregation, but to be ordained as well.


Screen Shot @SexWeekatUNM share Dirty Lola and Hunter Riley’s picture of their “blowjob faces.”

The largest event welcomed around 70 students to attend, “Sex Ed A Go Go” and featured Dirty Lola and the Pussy Posse, who came to “[inspire students libido and open their mind to a world of sexual possibilities, one question at a time].” According to her bio, Dirty Lola “is a naughty storyteller, sex encourager, sex toy peddler, and the creator and host of the live sex-positive Q&A go-go show and podcast, Sex Ed A Go Go.” On every chair in the Student Union Ballroom, students could find their own condom, pack of lubricant, glow stick, schedule of Sex Week, and a flyer to the weekend event, Pornotopia.


Sitting with Dirty Lola on the stage were employee of Self Serve, Hunter Riley and Shaya Rogers, a member of the Student Alliance for Reproductive Justice, answering questions on sex, consent while intoxicated, and heightened pleasure. But what the conversation included was a discussion on things like: advise on using lube for chap stick after oral sex, sharing in detail the past month of each speaker’s’ sex life, geeky kink experiences, and advice on how to have quicker orgasms and get laid by playing “the long game” (waiting longer to engage in intercourse). In addition, Dirty Lola offered more education to students by going into detail about her recently opened-marriage, what her boundaries are with different sexual partners other than her husband, and her most recent orgy that she participated in.


Earlier this month, the Sex Week organizer defended the controversial events in the UNM Daily Lobo, saying they would provide “resources for those who may need help with relationships or sexual assault…in an open way that isn’t mediated by fear or shame.”


Student Alliance for Reproductive Justice distributed petitions at the events for students to sign to keep Sex Week an annual event on campus.


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