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Blenda-InterviewedAs tears flowed down Blenda Drummond’s face, she stated, “Yesterday we really did hear a lot about Prince passing away. At the same time, 3,000 babies were being murdered, and it saddens my heart that we are so callous and uncaring about it. Where is the church out here today? Where are the pastors today? Why is this not the prime subject in our country?”

Approximately 80 pro-lifers gathered to protest Planned Parenthood on PhilSaturday in front of their Albuquerque facility. In a coordinated effort, protestors also were in front of several hundred Planned Parenthoods across the country on Saturday morning. This follows a nationwide protest last year after the videos were released of Planned Parenthood harvesting aborted baby body parts. The Albuquerque protest in 2015 saw hundreds of protesters line the sidewalks in front of Planned Parenthood, but unfortunately the numbers were down this year.

Please don't kill meA wide variety of signs were seen along San Mateo NE, such as photos of abortion victims, “Planned Parenthood exploits minors,” “Democrats support pre-born baby killing,” and a homemade sign, “Dear mom, please don’t kill me. I love you! Your baby!”

Carole Harmon said she was on the sidewalk, “because this is such a tragedy how they rip these babies apart and then sell the body parts and then they change all the language. People are believing the lie and we need to expose the lie and put the truth out there.”

Hundreds of cars passed by the protest with the majority honking in Tom Flagagreement, but a few outwardly displayed their disapprovement.   One lone woman who showed her support of Planned Parenthood by holding a “pro-choice” sign was very polite, in contrast to the extremely vocal women during last year’s event. She stated, “I don’t see anybody else holding a sign similar to mine, but I want the people who are travelling down San Mateo to know that these people don’t have a lock on the point of view.”

Reyna-InterviewedReyna Gallegos discussed the effectiveness of the protest:   “I absolutely do believe it does make a difference because, first of all, we’re standing on truth; second, we’re persistent; and third, we do have God on our side. And even if it was just one person who we’ve impacted, we have made a difference, although we do pray we do impact way more than one person.”

Organizers plan on making this Planned Parenthood protest an annual Save the Oneevent. Go to for more information, such as organizing and leading a protest, locations, donating, and much more. Their goals are as follows:

“Through public protest at Planned Parenthood facilities, we seek to focus media attention, both locally and nationally, on the baby parts scandal, educate our communities about Planned Parenthood’s harmful impact on our society, and demand an end to funding of this controversial and corrupt organization in all state and federal programs.”

Thank you to Bud & Tara Shaver with Protest ABQ for doing a great job, as always, organizing this event. Go to Protest ABQ for more information about what they do!