By: Laura Rosecrans

12631426_1718154055097415_7053874436046287564_nSanctity of Life Month – January 2016 comes to its close today January 31. Many events took place that honored the lives of all the babies lost in United States to the Holocaust of Abortion – almost 60, 000, 000 – since the passing of Roe vs. Wade in 1973.

As we, here at The HUB of New Mexico, have gotten to know more and more of the incredible pro-life community in our state, we are honored and blessed to be a part of this family. From those groups that seem to always be front and center to those that prefer to remain in the background helping out women and their babies daily – we praise God for each and every one for all the amazing and incredible things they are doing to promote life affirming choices.

There is a place for what each and every one is doing and as we continue on seeing unity among our brothers and sisters fighting for life we look forward to the day that abortion is no longer legal in our state or our country!

We ask that anyone reading this today – please continue praying for all the different groups and for UNITY in the Pro-Life movement that there will be a continuing desire to unit and respect one another and work TOGETHER for life.

943920_1191486660879220_7276407333271584322_nThe following is a list of the Pro-Life Groups that we know of around our state. I know this not an exhaustive list and that I am going to forget someone. If I do, please instead of getting upset, contact me at to put you on the list.

My purpose of putting this list together is to make anyone reading this aware of ALL the incredible life affirming ministries that there are around our state. We encourage you to look each one up and maybe find a place for you to fit in and to stand for life. All of these ministries are present in New Mexico. I have tried to put the links to the New Mexico chapters but where there were none I put the parent organization link.

Abortion Recovery Help: Care Net Albuquerque, Care Net Santa Fe, Surrendered Hearts, Rachel’s Vineyard AlbuquerqueRachael’s Vineyard Las CrucesBroken from Silence, Silent No More, Grace Place for Women Farmington, Ashes to Beauty

Homes that House Women in Crisis Pregnancy: Fostering Grace, Casa de Mariposa, Solomon’s Porch Refuge & Miracle House

News & Information Ministries: The HUB of New Mexico Christian Internet Radio Station, Harms ReportFor God’s Glory Alone Ministries, New Mexico Watchman, New Mexico Center for Family Policy

Prayer Ministries: 40 Days for Life Las Cruces, 40 Days for Life Albuquerque, 40 Days for Life Rio Rancho, International Prayer Counsel

Pregnancy Help MinistriesSidewalk Advocates Albuquerque, Sidewalk Advocates Las Cruces, Care Net Albuquerque, Care Net Santa Fe, Care Net Las Cruces, Women’s Pregnancy OptionsZoe’ Pregnancy Center Las Vegas NMTurning Point Pregnancy Center Las Cruces, Pregnancy Help Center Artesia, Legacy Pregnancy Resource Center Hobbs NM, Hands of Hope Pregnancy Center Gallup NM, Grace Place for Women Farmington, New Life Pregnancy Center Taos, Hope Pregnancy Center Los Alamos, Gabriel Project Las Cruces

Political and Activist Groups: And Then There Were None NM, Albuquerque Right LifeDemocrats for Life NMNew Mexico Alliance for Life, New Mexico Catholic Coalition, Priests for Life, Protest ABQ, Protest Las Cruces, Protest Planned Parenthood FarmingtonRight to Life Committee New Mexico, Save the One,  Students for Life UNM

Umbrella Organizations: Las Cruces for Life, Project Defending Life