Sidewalk Advocates for Life – ABQ

Our amazing Ministry Partner Sidewalk Advocates for Life – ABQ led by Jude Arguellas can be contacted by calling Jude at 505-550-8247 to find out more information about signing up to a sidewalk counselor!

OUR MISSION: To be the hands & feet of Christ, offering loving, life-affirming alternatives to all present at the abortion center.
Sidewalk Advocates Facebook page for Albuquerque: https://www.facebook.com/SidewalkAdvocates/?fref=ts



8933834Sidewalk Advocates for Life – Las Cruces

Our incredible sister partner of Sidewalk Advocates for Life in ABQ is the one in Las Cruces NM led by Martha Beasley.

Our Mission: SWAFL is a peaceful, prayerful, and law-abiding outreach to those servicing the abortion center. We strive to empower women in unexpected pregnancies.

Sidewalk Advocates Facebook page for Las Cruces: https://www.facebook.com/SidewalkAdvocatesLasCruces/timeline



Sidewalk Advocacy – Sidewalk Advocacy refers to crisis intervention in front of the abortion center. It involves actively encouraging a woman to choose life, empowering her to leave the abortion center, and ministering to all present to bring about a conversion of heart from a culture of death to a culture of life, thereby ending abortion.
Traditionally known as “sidewalk counseling,” sidewalk advocacy is a re-branded term that emphasizes the peaceful, prayerful, law-abiding methods of this ministry with love as its centerpiece.
Prayer – Prayer provides the foundation for everything we do, for apart from God we can do nothing (cf. John 15:5). We encourage local communities to match a prayer partner to every sidewalk advocate, and for sidewalk advocates to counsel together in pairs. We also encourage local communities to hold an opening and closing community-wide celebration at the beginning and end of every quarter, to invite prayer for the sidewalk advocates and the program and celebrate all God has accomplished with their cooperation.
Community Support – We bring together the Body of Christ, cross-denominationally, to pray for and support the local sidewalk advocacy program. Community members are invited to become sidewalk advocates by attending a local sidewalk advocacy training every quarter. Additionally, at the beginning and end of every quarter, local communities are encouraged to hold an opening and closing community-wide, cross-denominational celebration to pray for the program.