Dateline: Simple Matter of Respect by Dan Rosecrans


By: Dan Rosecrans

rest-in-peac-1238181My Father was a pretty simple man. A World War II vet in the US Navy, he didn’t require a lot of rules in the house when we were growing up. One day I found out he had one very stringent, unbreakable rule… not come to supper without a shirt.

Back in my teenage years I didn’t have the embarrassing physique I sport today. Thus, I figured everyone would be delighted to see just how impressive was my tremendous build. My Father was not.

Immediately he told me, “Go get a shirt on, Boy, and don’t you ever come to this table without one again.” Then he added….”It’s a simple matter of respect”.

Respect. Have we totally lost that concept? Possibly.

I recalled that story today when I read that President Obama will not attend the funeral ofscalia 1
Supreme Court Justice, Antonin Scalia. Instead, he and the First Lady will pay their respects when Scalia’s body lies in state in the Great Hall. The President has tasked the job of attending the funeral to Vice President Joe Biden.

When Supreme Court Chief Justice William Rehnquist died in 2005 President George W. Bush attended and even delivered the eulogy.

barack-obama-1129156__180Let’s be honest…none of us ever wants to attend a funeral. They are difficult. We don’t know what to say. But as my Father said, “It’s a simple matter of respect”.

Attending the funeral tells those family members, friends and others just how important was their loved one’s life. As our nation looks on, our President pulls yet another blunder. His absence from the funeral tells the world that our love for this Nation’s Constitution is dying. The flame of freedom that once burned brightly in our National soul is flickering out.

Please, Mr. President, attend the funeral of Antonin Scalia. He was a man who loved America. He was a man who valued our Constitution. He was an immigrant Son who taught us much.

It’s a simple matter of respect.